AC – Slow Charging Station

Meras AC chargers operate on 3 phase input and deliver power ranging from 3.3KW to 14.5KW.

Our charge stations are built with cutting-edge technology and are hence robust, secure, and reliable. Equipped with a complete protection function, the AC charge stations can facilitate charging of three vehicles at the time.

These efficient off-board chargers will quickly charge an electric 2-wheeler in an hour’s time while 4-wheelers or larger vehicles with battery of 12 kWh or more can be charged in five to six hours.


  • Single phase – 3.3 kW to 14.5 kW
  • Number of outputs: 1 or 3
  • Facility to charge three vehicles at the same time
  • Compliant with Bharath Standard – AC001
  • Mobile app integration
  • RFID user authentication
  • Easy payment option
  • Wifi or GSM based cloud interaction